Sierra at Tahoe


After two ski trips to Boreal for lessons, Ross decided to take it up a notch and ski at a slightly bigger resort  –  Sierra at Tahoe.

20130116_152614This was an early two hour drive into the sun.

We pulled up into the parking lot before they opened and got ready.  I took pictures of the daunting mountain in front of me.  Looking at these mountains made Boreal seem like rolling hills.



I looked at it and thought, “I have to go up there?!”

And I did.  Going up was easy.  Sometimes, I don’t want the lift ride to end because I know I’m going to some how have to survive the deathly trails back down.  Now of course, I am exaggerating, but this is what I think and feel when I go skiing.

Ross started me off on a 2 – 2.5 mile green ball.  Ok, I think I got this, this isn’t so bad.  Ross is in front of me, there’s a fork in the road, he goes right.  So … why am I going left??!!  I bring my legs to a stop just before going down (what I think) looks like a steep blue.  I think to myself, “Oh, sh!t, how am I going to get down?”  I wasn’t quite ready for a blue that early in the morning.  Luckily, Ross spotted me like a scared deer through the woods and glided his way over to me.  He starts telling me how to ski down and slowly I follow, then pick up speed, somehow I get turned backwards and fall.  Ross helps me put on my ski after about five minutes.  Again, he shows me how to simply glide my way down.  Ok, he makes it look easy, if I just put weight on the right foot, I think I might have this in the bag.  Down I go again.  Frustration has set in.  Ross keeps calm, I whine and complain, “I hate skiing!“.  After about three more falls, I’m ready to punch all the skiers zooming passed me.  On the verge of tears, I think to myself  ‘The only way you’re getting down this mountain is without tears in your eyes and a lump in your throat.  You’re going to need to stay focused, so clear your head we have a long day!’  I regain my composure, I listen to Ross, and with hair in my mouth, and snot up my nose, I finally slide down the mountain.

Thankfully Ross has the patience of a saint.  On the lift back up, we were able to joke and laugh about the whole thing, but next time, I’m going right when Ross goes right.

I regained my confidence by skiing a few different green balls.  While on a green, there was a short blue Ross wanted me to try since I didn’t do so hot with my blue morning opener.  I listened, watched, and did what Ross did going down the blue, and by golly I made it.  We came back up and I tried another blue and did it pretty well.  I got a lot of blue practice in this day.

At about 1:00 p.m., we headed into a restaurant at the top of the mountain for lunch  –  360 Smokehouse Barbque.  Here, we relaxed, warmed up, ate and took in the view of Lake Tahoe.






CIMG6793It was really bright and windy.



After lunch, we did a few more runs.  My legs were starting to burn out so after an hour or two, we called it a day.



Snow looks a bit high don’t you think?

CIMG6803And so, we drive the two hours back.  We are either going to Boreal or Sierra at Tahoe this Saturday.  After this day, I have a lot more yet to learn …


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