My name is Haley Esh and I am 24 years old from Port Royal, PA.  My boyfriend, Ross Coder, and I recently moved to where we currently reside in Auburn, CA.  Ross received a job at a local Rite Aid as a Pharmacist and I am currently searching for a job.  So far, I have applied to 35 positions at 18 different places and have been declined from 4 of those places.  It is a little discouraging, but the only thing I can do is keep applying.  If I cast out enough worms, I know I will get a fish one of these days.

This blog began with the intent of relaying information to family and friends of our journey across the United States.  Recently, it has been about the things there are to do around here which seem to be endless.  Once Ross’s job gets rolling, there will be entries of his progress as well as mine.

I do not think we yet feel 100% settled into our new apartment, but once we get jobs under our belts, we can buy furniture to finally make this place feel more like a home and not like that of college living.  We do however, love the many activities there are to take advantage of and that are FREE of charge!  There are so many festivals, fairs, yard sales, park events, and weekend events to do in Old Town Auburn I cannot wait to get started.

I am more than happy to keep up with this blog to inform family and friends about the journeys and lives of myself and Ross, both individually and together.  We will keep everyone posted of our successful and unsuccessful moments as well as what it is we do for fun here in Auburn, Ca.


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  1. There are some people back home here that did not know you and Ross were moving to California. I gave them the link to your blog but they will not be able to see your blog from the beginning by choosing one of the titles on the right side of the screen. Is there a way to see your blog from the beginning? Thanks, Mom.

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